Robin L. Garrell

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This article describes the equilibrium shape of a liquid drop under applied fields such as gravity and electrical fields, taking into account material properties such as dielectric constants, resistivities, and surface tension coefficients. The analysis is based on an energy minimization framework. A rigorous and exact link is provided between the energy(More)
and manipulating pL to µL droplets reproducibly in droplet-based (digital) microfluidic chips requires advanced application of control systems. The most common approach of droplet dispensing controllers combines capacitance measurements with calculations of the optical footprint of the droplet on the chip. This technique does not provide the precision and(More)
Digital (droplet) microfluidics (DµF) is a powerful platform for automated lab-on-a-chip procedures, ranging from quantitative bioassays such as RT-qPCR to complete mammalian cell culturing. The simple MEMS processing protocols typically employed to fabricate DµF devices limit their functionality to two dimensions, and hence constrain the applications for(More)
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