Robin L Armstrong

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Acetylation of Ser-530 of sheep prostaglandin endoperoxide (PGG/H) synthase by aspirin causes irreversible inactivation of the cyclooxygenase activity of the enzyme. To determine the catalytic function of the hydroxyl group of Ser-530, we used site-directed mutagenesis to replace Ser-530 with an alanine. Cos-1 cells transfected with expression vectors(More)
The uptake and incorporation of macromolecular precursors in germinating Saccharomyces cerevisiae ascospores were investigated. Addition of cycloheximide at various times during germination revealed that protein synthesis can occur within 20 min after the spores are shifted to glucose-containing media. The time of initiation of uptake and incorporation of(More)
Double strand breaks (DSBs) and interstrand crosslinks (ICLs) are toxic DNA lesions that can be repaired through multiple pathways, some of which involve shared proteins. One of these proteins, DNA Polymerase θ (Pol θ), coordinates a mutagenic DSB repair pathway named microhomology-mediated end joining (MMEJ) and is also a critical component for bypass or(More)
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