Robin Krause

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A dual-transducer flow-injection biosensor detection system for monitoring organophosphorus (OP) neurotoxins is described. Such simultaneous use of different physical transducers in connection to the same (organophosphorous hydrolase (OPH)) enzyme enhances the information content and provides discrimination between various subclasses of OP compounds. While(More)
A rapid and robust electrophysiological assay based on solid supported membranes (SSM) for the murine neuronal glutamate transporter mEAAC1 is presented. Measurements at different concentrations revealed the EAAC1 specific affinities for l-glutamate (K(m)=24microM), l-aspartate (K(m)=5microM) and Na(+) (K(m)=33mM) and an inhibition constant K(i) for(More)
A flow-injection system with an organophosphorus-hydrolase (OPH)-biosensor detector has been developed and characterized for the rapid detection of organophosphorus (OP) nerve agents. The enzyme was immobilized onto a thin-film gold detector through a cystamine-glutaraldehyde coupling. Factors influencing the performance were optimized. The resulting flow(More)
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