Robin Koshy

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Fungal infections of the central nervous system (CNS) are uncommon and occur mainly in immunocompromised patients. We describe a case of central nervous system aspergilloma without any evidence of systemic or paranasal foci in a diabetic but otherwise immunocompetent 71-year-old female treated successfully with surgical resection and medical(More)
Aerococcus urinae, a previously misidentified pathogen, has become increasingly recognized to cause severe and even fatal infections. Aerococcus-related perineal abscess infections have not previously been reported in the literature. Most reported cases of infections caused by Aerococcus are urinary tract infections, bacteremia, and even rare cases of(More)
Bacteremia due to Actinomyces neuii has been reported in the literature 14 times. A. neuii is an endogenous organism that has been cultured in clinical specimens of the genitourinary tract; we are reporting a unique case of A. neuii postoperative testicular abscess with bacteremia which was successfully treated with surgery and a short course of parenteral(More)
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