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HISTKOM telemicroscopy equipment for telepathology is designed for the most challenging application in telepathology: intraoperational frozen section diagnosis. Adapted to this application, it is also excellently suited for all other telepathology modes requesting less sophisticated equipment. The technical concept and user interface are oriented to routine(More)
Pathology undergoes presently changes due to new developments in diagnostic opportunities and cost saving efforts in health care. Out of the wide field of telepathology the paper selects three prototype applications: telepathology in teleeducation, expert advice for preselected details of a slide and finally telepathology for remote diagnosis. The most(More)
Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) has emerged as an advanced technique to enhance resource utilization and efficiency in infrastructure-based networks. However, its performance in wireless mesh networks is mostly unexplored. In this paper, we practically study the benefits of OFDMA in a scenario with multiple co-located transmitters and(More)
State-of-the-art wireless technologies such as LTE employ OFDMA to enable robust and efficient frequency-division multiple access, which is also promising for other scenarios, such as Wireless Mesh Networks. OFDMA can improve throughput by allocating subchannels to the users which experience the best performance on the corresponding frequencies. This has(More)
—State-of-the-art physical layers such as OFDMA are widely used in infrastructure-based networks to enhance efficiency in one-to-many transmissions. Application to wireless mesh networks is highly promising, as the diversity increases in many-to-many scenarios. While theoretical work on OFDMA for this scenario exists, it has not yet been implemented in(More)
TETRA is a digital communication standard taking over from analog communication in various emergency services and governmental agencies in Europe since the late 1990s. TETRA has to meet stringent requirements for a dependable communication infrastructure as it is used in the public safety sector by professional users and first responders. In fact, TETRA is(More)
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