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We examined the role of proteolytic ligand modification in endosomal targeting using vitellogenin (VTG) uptake by Xenopus oocytes as a model system. Non-cleavable VTG is internalized, but does not appear in yolk platelets. We identified two inhibitors of VTG processing into the yolk proteins: the ionophore monensin and pepstatin A, a specific inhibitor of(More)
Subjective feedback about distractions or problems encountered during computerized assessment was provided by 538 out of a pool of 1659 high-school athletes who completed baseline testing using ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). Three types of feedback were included: (a) environmental, (b) computer-based (mechanical), and(More)
BACKGROUND Despite recent findings of cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioral symptomatology in retired professional athletes with a history of multiple concussions, there is little systematic research examining these symptoms in high school athletes with a history of concussion. OBJECTIVE To identify cognitive, emotional, and physical symptoms at(More)
CONTEXT Limited data are available regarding the prevalence and nature of invalid computerized baseline neurocognitive test data. OBJECTIVE To identify the prevalence of invalid baselines on the desktop and online versions of ImPACT and to document the utility of correcting for left-right (L-R) confusion on the desktop version of ImPACT. DESIGN(More)
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