Robin Jegan

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This paper describes the SNAP system, which participated in Task 4 of SemEval2014: Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis. We use an XML-based pipeline that combines several independent components to perform each subtask. Key resources used by the system are Bing Liu’s sentiment lexicon, Stanford CoreNLP, RFTagger, several machine learning algorithms and WordNet.(More)
Sensor based ECG signal acquisition methods are non-invasive method for diagnosing heart related diseases. A noise removal ECG signal provides certain details about the electrical activity of the heart. The main focus of this paper is to identify the suitable filtering method for ECG signal noise removal for physiological parameter measurement and(More)
Acoustic echo cancellation is important for audio teleconferencing when simultaneous communication of speech is necessary. In acoustic echo cancellation, a measured microphone signal contains two signals such as the near-end speech signal and the far-end echoed speech signal. The goal is to remove the far-end echoed speech signal from the microphone signal(More)
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