Robin Jegan

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This paper describes the SNAP system, which participated in Task 4 of SemEval-2014: Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis. We use an XML-based pipeline that combines several independent components to perform each subtask. Key resources used by the system are Bing Liu's sentiment lexicon, Stanford CoreNLP, RFTag-ger, several machine learning algorithms and(More)
Bit Error Rate (BER) is a principle measure of data transmission link performance. BER tester (BERT) consists of a Pattern Generator and an Analyzer that can be set to the same pattern. The payload data transmitted from the spacecraft consists of one, two or three channels per carrier based on the modulation scheme. The traditional equipments can do BER(More)
A scheduling problem that includes different hardware delays experienced by the secondary users (SUs) while switching to different frequency bands in a centralized cognitive radio network (CRN) is formulated. A polynomial-time suboptimal algorithm is proposed to reduce the scheduling problem. The impact of varying switching delay, number offer quencies, and(More)
— U-Tube Manometer is used to measure pressure. It is calibrated using the variation in capacitance. In U-tube manometer, the relation between the level of mercury and the capacitance developed across the copper plates of the manometer is found to be highly non-linear. Due to its non-predictive nature and non-linear relationship, artificial intelligence(More)
— Acoustic echo cancellation is important for audio teleconferencing when simultaneous communication of speech is necessary. In acoustic echo cancellation, a measured microphone signal contains two signals such as the near-end speech signal and the far-end echoed speech signal. The goal is to remove the far-end echoed speech signal from the microphone(More)
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