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Politics, women and well-being : how Kerala became "a model"
List of Tables - Preface - List of Abbreviations - Chronology - Introduction - PART 1: HOW OLD KERALA GAVE WAY Janamma, 1860-1940 - Old Kerala - Family - Education - Economy and Attitudes - PART 2:Expand
The Great Indian Phone Book: How the Cheap Cell Phone Changes Business, Politics, and Daily Life
In 2001, India had 4 million cell phone subscribers. Ten years later, that number had exploded to more than 750 million. Over just a decade, the mobile phone was transformed from a rare and unwieldyExpand
Governments and Culture: How Women Made Kerala Literate
A SINGLE IMAGE dramatized Kerala's literacy for me. I was on a bus lurching northwards out of Ernakulam early on a monsoon morning in July 1968. Heavy rain bubbled into the red laterite soil andExpand
India's newspaper revolution : capitalism, politics, and the Indian-language press, 1977-99
Introduction - a newspaper revolution? transforming advertising localizing owning editing/reporting controlling comparing.
Culture of Daily Newspapers in India-How It s Grown, What It Means
How It's Grown, What It Means Robin Jeffrey This paper identifies trends in daily newspaper circulations among the 13 major languages in India and speculates about how these trends relate toExpand
The Decline Of Nayar Dominance
Great Indian Phone Book
The cheap mobile phone is arguably the most significant personal communications device in history. In India, where caste hierarchy has reinforced power for generations, the disruptive potential ofExpand