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Introduction to Graph Theory
Introduction * Definitions and examples* Paths and cycles* Trees* Planarity* Colouring graphs* Matching, marriage and Menger's theorem* Matroids Appendix 1: Algorithms Appendix 2: Table of numbers
An Atlas of Graphs
With over 10,000 diagrams and extensive tables of properties, this atlas is comprehensive and unique, making it an invaluable source for researchers in graph theory, operations research and computer science.
Graph Theory 1736-1936
1. Oaths 2. Circuits 3. Trees 4. Chemical graphs 5. Euler's polyhedral formula 6. The four-colour problem - early history 7. Colouring maps on surfaces 8. Ideas from algebra and topology 9. The
Graphs and Applications_ An Introductory Approach
A classification of problems and some analogues of Menger's Theorem for Graphs, Digraphs and Networks and solutions to Problems in the Text are provided.
Graphs : an introductory approach : a first course in discrete mathematics / Robin J. Wilson, John J. Watkins
What Is a Graph?. Definitions and Examples. Applications of Graphs. What Is a Digraph?. Applications of Digraphs. Eulerian Graphs and Digraphs. Hamiltonian Graphs and Digraphs. Path Algorithms.