Robin J Moszkowski

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We measured the effects of a stressful experience on memory for emotionally arousing and neutral material learned after exposure to a stressor which induces a significant increase in corticosteroid stress hormones. Because memory performance can be influenced by circadian changes in corticosteroid levels, subjects were tested either in the morning or in the(More)
The current study was designed to investigate the role of infant touch during early mother-infant interactions with changes in maternal availability. Forty-four dyads participated in the SF procedure. Objectives were to examine co-occurring behavioral pairs across periods, and to investigate the functions of touch. Findings revealed that co-occurring(More)
The present study investigated the touching behaviors of 4-month-old infants of depressed and non-depressed mothers during the still-face (SF; maternal emotional unavailability) and separation (SP; maternal physical unavailability) procedures. Forty-one dyads participated in the present study; dyads were from low SES backgrounds and they exhibited poor(More)
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