Robin J. Miner

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This paper describes the development of a prototype decision support system which supports decision making in aerospace manufacturing environments. This system, referred to as ICAM Decision Support System (IDSS) Prototype 2, integrates various types of operations research models with a heavy emphasis on simulation modeling, utilizing computer graphics. This(More)
Nuclear safeguards systems are concerned with the physical protection and control of nuclear materials. The Safeguards Network Analysis Procedure (SNAP) provides a convenient and standard analysis methodology for the evaluation of safeguards system effectiveness. This is achieved through a standard set of symbols which characterize the various elements of(More)
Articulation functions were established for 35 normal hearing, 6 flat sensorineural, and 6 high frequency sloping sensorineural hearing-impaired subjects using the modified rhyme test (MRT) and synthetic sentence identification test (SSIT) in three message competition ratios (MCRs) of multitalker noise. An analysis of variance revealed significant(More)
Tumor cell invasion surrounding intracerebrally implanted tumors in rats was studied by comparing the results of cerebral microangiography, fluorescence imaging of blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption and histopathology. Each comparison was on subsequent sections taken from an initial 1 mm coronal slice of brain taken through the cell injection site(More)
As the state of the art in simulation has advanced, more effective ways of building simulation models and displaying their results have been developed. Computer graphics has played a key role in these developments. Although problems still exist, the introduction of computer graphics as an aid in the simulation modeling and analysis process has greatly(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relation between the traditional concept of formant frequencies and the controversial concept of optimal octaves in the perception of the vowels/i, a, u/. The vowels (produced by a male speaker of General American English) were filtered through eight bandwidths (80-160, 160-315, 315-630, 630-1,250,(More)
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