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A novel multi-scale operator for unorganized 3D point clouds is introduced. The Difference of Normals (DoN) provides a computationally efficient, multi-scale approach to processing large unorganized 3D point clouds. The application of DoN in the multi-scale filtering of two different real-world outdoor urban LIDAR scene datasets is quantitatively and(More)
Terrain visibility analysis is a challenging task that is currently supported by complex digital tools with cumbersome interfaces. In this paper, we present TerraGuide, a novel multi-surface environment for exploratory terrain analysis. TerraGuide provides three tightly coupled displays including a real-time viewshed, a 3D panoramic view, and a helicopter(More)
In military operations the presence of civilians has become the rule rather than the exception. The contemporary operations environment involves constant contact between military units and local populations. It is therefore necessary that the <i>human terrain</i> be properly represented in the synthetic environments used for military training and(More)
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