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OBJECTIVES Traditional open donor nephrectomy is associated with good donor outcomes and excellent allograft function. Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy may accomplish these same goals with less morbidity. We report our initial experience with hand-assisted laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy using a commercially available hand-assist device. METHODS Donor(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether clinical trials originating in certain countries always have positive results. DATA SOURCES Abstracts of trials from Medline (January 1966-June 1995). STUDY SELECTION Two separate studies were conducted. The first included trials in which the clinical outcome of a group of subjects receiving acupuncture was compared to(More)
In some cell lines and tumors of mammary origin, tamoxifen causes an increase of progesterone receptor (PR) as a result of its partial estrogen agonist activity. In this study we have assessed the effect of tamoxifen on PR in patients with advanced carcinoma of the breast in order to test if those with a rise in PR are more likely to respond to endocrine(More)
Oestrogen receptors were measured in the primary breast tumours of 508 patients and progesterone receptors in those of 486 patients. Survival from mastectomy was significantly longer in patients with receptor-positive tumours. There was no significant difference between patients with receptor-positive and receptor-negative tumours in the relapse-free(More)
The influence of ultrasound on the percutaneous absorption of lignocaine from a cream base was investigated in a double-blind cross-over trial in healthy volunteers. Mean data indicated that there was a slightly faster onset time for local anaesthesia when ultrasound was administered when compared with control values (no ultrasound). However, the(More)
One hundred and nineteen patients with breast cancer had 2 or more lesions removed for oestrogen (REc) or progesterone receptor (RPc) assay, either synchronously (on 38 occasions) or after an interval (on 91 occasions). In all but 7 both receptors were assayed for each lesion. The assays did not agree on the presence or absence of REc alone, RPc alone or(More)
A combination of dibromodulcitol 500 mg orally, mitomycin C 10 mg i.v. and vinblastine 10 mg i.v. all given on day 1 and repeated every 4 weeks was given to 40 patients with advanced breast cancer. All but one had received previous endocrine therapy. The response rate (CR + PR) in 24 previously untreated patients was 66% and was 37% in 16 previously treated(More)
A new technique of immediate breast reconstruction is presented. This technique uses a silicone implant placed in a subpectoral pocket, using de-epithelialised skin from the lower breast to augment the submuscular pocket, thus producing a compound myodermal flap. The technique is simple, and the resulting scar is cosmetically satisfactory; when combined(More)
Two bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) fetal protection studies were done using a monovalent noncytopathic (NCP) BVDV vaccine containing type 1 BVDV. In study 1, thirty-two fetuses (23 vaccinates and nine controls) were recovered following fetal challenge with the type 1a BJ strain. Twenty of twenty-three fetuses from the vaccinates were negative for BVDV(More)
This study was carried out to assess the influence of site of biopsy and tumor heterogeneity upon the value of progesterone receptor (PR) measurements for prediction of response of patients with advanced carcinoma of the breast to tamoxifen or ovarian ablation. One hundred eighty-one assessable patients were studied. Sixty-nine % of responders and 31% of(More)