Robin Griffin

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CYP3A4-V, an A to G promoter variant associated with prostate cancer in African Americans, exhibits large differences in allele frequency between populations. Given that the African American population is genetically heterogeneous because of its African ancestry and subsequent admixture with European Americans, case-control studies with African Americans(More)
The NHS is about to embark on the widescale introduction of performance-related pay. A number of recent studies have seriously questioned the efficacy of merit pay. Utilizing the expectancy theory of motivation, explains why performance pay is unlike to motivate NHS staff.
i.e. if all the corresponding sides of the two polygons are parallel. (e, d) We must prove that the minimal polygon has at least one vertex on the boundary of the corresponding domain. In fact, consider a minimal polygon: there will be at least a couple of adjaeent noncollinear sides. The corresponding vertex must lie on the boundary, otherwise a shorter(More)
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