Robin Greenwood

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Using responses to a well-known confidential survey, we study corporations' use of derivatives to " take a view " on interest rate and currency movements. Characteristics of speculators suggest that perceived information and cost advantages lead them to take positions actively; that is, they do not speculate to increase risk by " betting the ranch. "(More)
  • R Greenwood
  • 2003
This paper reviews the technique of electroacoustics as it has been applied to aqueous suspensions of inorganic particles. It starts by charting the development of the technique from its earliest beginnings in the 1930s to the present day. The technique has become well established in the last decade with the advent of the Acoustosizer and the Acoustosizer(More)
This paper studies voting in corporate director elections. We construct a comprehensive data set of 2,058,788 mutual fund votes over a two-year period. We find systematic heterogeneity in voting: some funds are consistently more management-friendly than others. We also establish the presence of peer effects: a fund is more likely to oppose management when(More)
Larvae of the Simulium metallicum complex (Diptera: Simuliidae) were collected from three foci of human onchocerciasis in Mexico. Specimens were separated into five different cytotypes, identified by morphological characteristics (head pattern and body colour) or polytene chromosome features. Differences were found between foci in the cytotype composition(More)
[Very Preliminary] This paper analyzes the di¤erent implications of denominating private foreign debt in tradable goods (analogous to foreign currency) and in non-tradable goods (analogous to a local in ‡ation index). In the model presented, self-ful…lling liquidity crises can be eliminated when the debt is denominated in the nontradable good, since the(More)
The demand for significantly higher performance gas turbine engines has led to the exploration and identification of "out of the box" innovative engine design concepts. These demands include increased thrust-to-weight ratio goals that can primarily be met by substantial engine performance increases such as specific thrust, engine weight and size reductions,(More)
Institutional investors who acquire stock via equity distributions from stocks they already own tend to sell these holdings immediately, especially if the spinoff is much smaller, or in a different industry, than the parent. However, these sales are partially offset by purchases from investors that specialize in the characteristics of the spinoff. In a(More)
The shadowgraph technique is a relatively easy-to-use and inexpensive method of wear measurement from explanted acetabular cups. In this technique, from a mould of the internal surface of the cup, measurements of linear wear and wear angle can be obtained, from which volumetric wear can be calculated. In this study the measurement precision of this(More)
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