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  • CHRISTOPHER C. GÉCZY, BERNADETTE A. MINTON, +9 authors Robin Greenwood
  • 2007
Using responses to a well-known confidential survey, we study corporations' use of derivatives to " take a view " on interest rate and currency movements. Characteristics of speculators suggest that perceived information and cost advantages lead them to take positions actively; that is, they do not speculate to increase risk by " betting the ranch. "(More)
This paper studies voting in corporate director elections. We construct a comprehensive data set of 2,058,788 mutual fund votes over a two-year period. We find systematic heterogeneity in voting: some funds are consistently more management-friendly than others. We also establish the presence of peer effects: a fund is more likely to oppose management when(More)
[Very Preliminary] This paper analyzes the di¤erent implications of denominating private foreign debt in tradable goods (analogous to foreign currency) and in non-tradable goods (analogous to a local in ‡ation index). In the model presented, self-ful…lling liquidity crises can be eliminated when the debt is denominated in the nontradable good, since the(More)
Obtaining optimal images of small joints using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be technically challenging. The aim of this review is to outline the practical aspects of MRI of small joints, with reference to the underlying physical principles. Although the most important contribution to successful imaging of small joints comes from the magnet field(More)
Institutional investors who acquire stock via equity distributions from stocks they already own tend to sell these holdings immediately, especially if the spinoff is much smaller, or in a different industry, than the parent. However, these sales are partially offset by purchases from investors that specialize in the characteristics of the spinoff. In a(More)
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