Robin Goldstone

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MapReduce is a widely accepted framework for addressing big data challenges. Recently, it has also gained broad attention from scientists at the U.S. leadership computing facilities as a promising solution to process gigantic simulation results. However, conventional high-end computing systems are constructed based on the compute-centric paradigm while big(More)
Since fall 2001, Livermore Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has deployed 11 Intel IA32-based Linux clusters ranging in size up to 1154 nodes. All provide a common programming model and implement a similar cluster architecture. Hardware components are carefully selected for performance, usability, manageability, and reliability and are(More)
Large-scale scientific applications on High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems are generating a colossal amount of data that need to be analyzed in a timely manner for new knowledge, but are too costly to transfer due to their sheer size. Many HPC systems have catered to in situ analytics solutions that can analyze temporary datasets as they are generated,(More)
Hyperparathyroid crisis secondary to primary hyperparathyroidism has variously been described as hypercalcemic crisis, parathyroid storm, and parathyroid intoxication as well as other equally descriptive terms. Whatever the nomenclature, all emphasize the seriousness and urgency of the condition. Although fewer than 200 cases have been described since the(More)
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