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Short-term stimulation of nonantigen-primed peripheral blood mononuclear leukocytes with interleukin-2 generates a population of oncolytic effectors designated "lymphokine-activated killer" (LAK) cells. These LAK cells express potent lytic activity against a wide spectrum of fresh or cultured autochthonous (patient's own) and allogeneic (unrelated) tumors,(More)
Glioblastoma, the most frequent primary brain tumor and the most malignant neoplasm, can have the most heterogeneous morphological presentation. Along with classical morphological features, areas of oligodendroglial component and mesenchymal differentiation may be seen. The present case was a rare case of glioblastoma presenting with sarcomatous and(More)
Male Sprague-Dawley rats received 14 daily intravenous injections of saline or human beta-endorphin (2.5 mg/kg). Animals were given one-way active avoidance training on the eleventh day, and analgesia testing on the twelfth (tail-flick) and thirteenth (hot-plate) days. Beta-endorphin had no effect on the number of trials needed to reach the avoidance(More)
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