Robin G Tomaselli

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IL-10 is a cytokine produced by B and T-cells, monocytes and keratinocytes with pleiotropic effects, some of which are directed towards suppressing monocyte activities (anti-inflammatory cytokine). No information at the protein level is available concerning IL-10 in suction blister fluids from psoriatic skin, even if contrasting data have been reported on(More)
The biased competition model of attentional selection proposes that objects compete with one another for neural representation, with the competition rooted in stimulus and attentionally-based salience. Two experiments explore how the salience of a target item relative to flanking items impacts the speed of target identification. The results of two(More)
A 29-year-old man was examined for disseminated erythematous scaling patches and plaques and reddish, partially ulcerated nodules. Histological examination showed a dense, diffuse, epidermotropic infiltrate located in the entire dermis to the subcutaneous tissue, composed mainly of large pleomorphic T lymphocytes. Immunohistochemistry revealed positivity of(More)
Ten subjects with plaque-type psoriasis (5 females, 5 males, median age 47, range 20-71 years, median psoriasis area and severity index [PASI] score = 15.5, range 8.1-23.0) were observed before (week 0) and at the second and sixth week after starting treatment (PASI = 10.5, range 7.8-14.6; PASI = 8.5, range 1.6-11.6, respectively). At each of these times,(More)