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This article intends to answer what manufacturing execution systems (MES) are and describe their relationship with other information systems. It summarizes the features of those significant MESs being used today and discusses their limitations and where they should evolve in order to accommodate customer needs for faster real-time response, the expanded(More)
Energy overconsumption and greenhouse gas emission have been contributing to air pollutions and the global warming for years. The unceasingly increasing number of fossil fuels based vehicles around the world is considered as one of main factors making to the situation worse year by year. Electric vehicles (EV) are promoted as a viable and promising(More)
Although there are many web-based information service systems available, it is still not an easy job in navigating through the Internet to get the needed information service in a timely manner. This paper investigates a practical approach to deploying just-in-time assistive information services on the Internet. As a preliminary exploration, the RSS(More)