Robin Foster

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The system of providing for retirement income in Australia has undergone marked changes over the past two decades, particularly in the 1980s when changes in pension entitlements and superannuation legislation encouraged a sharp rise in superannuation saving. However, there has been no obvious pickup in aggregate household saving, raising the possibility(More)
PURPOSE Latest generation linear accelerators (linacs), i.e., TrueBeam (Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA) and its stereotactic counterpart, TrueBeam STx, have several unique features, including high-dose-rate flattening-filter-free (FFF) photon modes, reengineered electron modes with new scattering foil geometries, updated imaging hardware/software,(More)
Five fresh cadaver upper extremities were studied by use of a static positioning frame, pressure-sensitive film, and a microcomputer-based videodigitizing system, to assess the load-bearing characteristics of a scaphoid silicone implant within the radioulnarcarpal joint. Specimens were studied in their "normal" condition, after resection of the scaphoid,(More)
Five fresh cadaver upper extremities were studied with use of a static positioning frame, pressure-sensitive film, a microcomputer-based videodigitizing system, and a Sun station image analysis system to assess the load bearing characteristics of the scaphoid in the proximal carpal joint. Specimens were studied in their normal condition, after a proximal(More)
OBJECTIVE Teen dating violence (TDV) is associated with multiple sequelae including substance use. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence and association between levels of dating violence and substance use among urban adolescents presenting at a pediatric emergency department (ED). METHODS As part of standard practice, 282 adolescents(More)
I n order to determine the type of transportation systems needed to accommodate a proposed shopping center development, an understanding of the characteristics of shopping trips is essential. Shopping trips are complicated for two reasons: first, because a proportion of trips made are a part of a series of linked trips; and second, because the trips have a(More)
BACKGROUND Intramuscular (IM) ziprasidone is often used to manage acute agitation. Limited data exist on the pediatric dosing of ziprasidone in the emergency department (ED). OBJECTIVE To characterize the mg/kg dosing differences between pediatric ED patients who respond to an initial dose of ziprasidone versus patients who do not. METHODS This was a(More)
PURPOSE Dynamic tumor tracking or motion compensation techniques have proposed to modify beam delivery following lung tumor motion on the flight. Conventional treatment plan QA could be performed in advance since every delivery may be different. Markerless lung tumor tracking using beams eye view EPID images provides a best treatment evaluation mechanism.(More)
PURPOSE To compare volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) treatment plans calculated with Eclipse 10 (RapidArc, Varian Medical Systems) and Pinnacle 9.2 (SmartArc, Philips Healthcare) to those computed with an independent verification system utilizing a DICOM-RT framework Mobius3D (M3D 1.1, Mobius Medical Systems, LP). METHODS Mobius3D (M3D) utilizes(More)
PURPOSE Geometric or mechanical accuracy of kV and MV imaging systems of two Varian Truebeam linacs have been monitored by two geomertirc calibration systems, Varian IsoCal geometric calibration system and home-developed gQA system. Results of both systems are cross-checked and the long term geometric stabilities of linacs are evaluated. METHODS Two(More)