Robin Ferebee

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This paper presents analysis of an unexpected failure during vibration and shock life test of an electronic circuit board that has been in use for more than 15 years. During testing, an aluminum bracket used to mount a transistor and provide a path for heat transfer was damaged. Prognostic methods were employed to determine whether the bracket failure could(More)
During ascent of a space vehicle system from its launching pad, the noise generated by its propulsion system creates considerable vibratory motion in the vehicle structure. Consequently, any component and/or payload attached to the structure will experience a dynamic loading condition. Predicting these acoustically induced "random" loads is difficult(More)
The scattering characteristics of block copolymer (BCP)/nanoparticle (NP) blend systems are analyzed in the weak segregation limit using random phase approximation (RPA). The scattering function is established and shown to adequately capture reported data of small-angle neutron scattering in poly(norbornene-b -d-norbornene dicarboxylic acid)/ Fe3O4(More)
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