Robin Charlton

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The avian retinotectofugal pathway has been suggested to be homologous to the mammalian retinotectofugal pathway. The projection of the nucleus rotundus upon the ectostriatum is equivalent to that of the pulvinar nucleus upon the extrastriate cortex in mammals. In this system, the optic tectum relays retinal input to the nucleus rotundus, which then ascends(More)
Considerable data have demonstrated that psychological states can influence the immune system in animals. Whether human immune function can be intentionally modulated by the central nervous system is unknown. This article presents data from two studies that sought to demonstrate intentional modulation of the immune system by psychological interventions. It(More)
Tissue cultures offer potential advantages for assaying the toxicity of chemicals and for evaluating tissue susceptibility to toxic agents. Several properties of cultured cells hinder the immediate, widespread use of tissue cultures to assay toxicity routinely. These points are illustrated by briefly reviewing attempts to utilize different types of hepatic(More)
Postinfectious encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis have clinical, immunologic, and neuroradiographic similarities. We studied HLA determinants in six white children consecutively diagnosed with postinfectious encephalomyelitis. Each of the children had HLA determinants which have been associated with multiple sclerosis. Relative risk (RR) calculations(More)
2 The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of CfBT Education Trust. CfBT Education Trust is a top 50 UK charity providing education services for public benefit in the UK and internationally. Established 40 years ago, CfBT Education Trust now has an annual turnover exceeding £100(More)
Multiple immunologic side effects have been ascribed to phenytoin. Numerous reports in the literature discuss the possible cellular and humoral abnormalities that appear to be present in patients given phenytoin. The most consistent finding is a reduction in serum IgA found in up to 20% of patients. To resolve some of the conflicting studies on cellular(More)
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