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Copyright and open access at the bedside.
Moves to protect the copyright of the Mini–Mental State Examination, the standard of care for cognitive screening, have left clinicians at risk of legal action for infringement and distribution andExpand
Understanding and Incentivizing Biosimilars
Congress recently passed the Biosimilars Act in an attempt to replicate the success that generic small molecule drugs have enjoyed under the Hatch-Waxman Act. The Biosimilars Act provides a pathwayExpand
The Open Source Biotechnology Movement: Is it Patent Misuse?
Fledgling efforts exist to establish open-source projects in biotechnology. Following copyleft, participants agree that advances in the technology must remain as openly available as the originalExpand
Patent Licensing, Technology Transfer, & Innovation
Traditional justifications for patents are based on direct or indirect contribution to product creation. Non-practicing entities (NPEs) might provide such innovation, either directly, through workingExpand
Database from Empirical Evidence of Drug Pricing Games - A Citizen's Pathway Gone Astray
This document contains the underlying data for the study presented in Empirical Evidence of Drug Pricing Games - A Citizen’s Pathway Gone Astray, available atExpand
The America Invents Act 500: Effects of Patent Monetization Entities on US Litigation
Any discussion of flaws in the United States patent system inevitably turns to the system’s modern villain: non-practicing entities, known more colorfully as patent trolls. For many years, however,Expand
Considerations on the Emerging Implementation of Biometric Technology
Biometrics is the science of identifying people based on their physiological and behavioral characteristics. Although biometric science could revolutionize the process of identification, it alsoExpand
The Giants Among Us
The patent world is undergoing a change of seismic proportions. A small number of entities have been quietly amassing vast treasuries of patents. These are not the typical patent trolls that we haveExpand
The Role of Science in Law
1. Introduction 2. The Allure of Science in Modern Law 3. Incorporating Science Markers into Law A. Law & Neuroscience B. Abortion C. Internet Searching D. Patenting Genetic Inventions 5. OutsourcingExpand
The Inventor's Contribution
The patent system, as conceptualized in American legal theory, is an exchange. The system begins by offering incentives for individuals to develop scientific advancements and to reveal thoseExpand