Robin Abrahams

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The Social/HMO is a national demonstration that has been in operation for five years at four private, nonprofit sites around the country. Key functions of Social/HMO case management include targeting the long-term care benefit/eligibility determination, service prescription that integrates post-acute and long-term care, close monitoring of clients, and(More)
Abdominal tuberculosis can be difficult to diagnose. In order to minimize diagnostic delay, an audit study showed that the Mantoux test and/or culture of ascitic fluid did not reveal tuberculosis immediately. Laparoscopy/laparotomy with Ziel-Nielson staining and culture of tissue biopsy always confirmed the diagnosis. It is suggested that biopsy should be(More)
More and more, expanding companies are hiring high-functioning groups of people who have been working together effectively within one company and can rapidly come up to speed in a new environment. These lifted-out teams don't need to get acquainted with one another or to establish shared values, mutual accountability, or group norms; their long-standing(More)
Sir, as an oral and maxillofacial surgery SHO, it was recently bought to my attention that we should be fighting as dentally-qualified SHOs to keep our positions available for the future. There has been re-structuring in Oxford and the London Deanery to remove dentists from the rota and on-call duties. For other hospitals this brings into question the(More)
There is much mystique surrounding the acquisition by a young practitioner of his or her first dental practice, arising largely from his fear of the unknown. In fact, provided that he or she obtains sound legal and commercial advice, he or she can purchase a dental practice almost exclusively out of borrowed capital. Whilst repaying capital (and interest)(More)
Sir, in spite of recent US health official’s pronouncements and those of the scientific advisers of the BDA that flossing is ineffective, I would offer a word of caution before ‘banning’ patients from flossing their teeth. I am a retired specialist periodontologist and a past Director of the Army School of Dental Hygiene, Aldershot. When teaching hygienist(More)
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