Robin A. Davis

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A case of a dural arteriovenous malformation with prominent localizing neurological deficits is reported. The venous drainage of the lesion and the lack of a significant pial supply implicate venous hypertension as the mechanism of neurological dysfunction. This mechanism is supported further by the angiographic changes and the prompt resolution of the(More)
Head injury is a significant economic, social and medical problem in the United States. For this reason, prognostic factors in head injury are of major importance to all surgeons who treat severely injured patients. Outcome of severe head injury is frequently determined at the time of impact, and surgical and medical treatment is often ineffective.(More)
The publications of 50 of the first American neurosurgeons were studied, and a citation analysis was done for the period 1965 through 1979. Because creative authors and their papers influence the scholarship and technical course of a discipline such as neurosurgery, the number of citations to an author or publication is a good measure of creativity (the(More)
Creative research thought, embodying original ideas that are adaptable and lasting, changes the scholarship and course of neurosurgery, and will be recognized by high citation frequency. Thirty-nine of 50 of the first American neurosurgeons were the first authors of 411 research papers, which were studied by analysis of citations between 1965 and 1979. Of(More)
To better understand the reasons why minorities and males are underrepresented among registered dietitians (RDs) and dietetic technicians, registered, (DTRs) and to develop focuses for intervention, the investigators performed a telephone survey of newly credentialed RDs and DTRs and directors of RD and DTR education programs. Using lists of students(More)