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The perception of certain figures with illusory contours entails a reversal of figure and ground. It is hypothesized that this process occurs in two stages. First, some factor must suggest or cue the reversal. Experiments are described that isolate three such factors, namely, alignment of physically present contours, recognized incompletion of parts of the(More)
Officials with the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) are presently reviewing the suite of indicators used to assess and report on Long Island Sound's ecological health and the programmatic success of the LISS. As part of this evaluation, managers seek to determine whether there are environmental variables that offer valuable information on ecosystem condition(More)
1. Foetal rat liver slices incorporate the C-3 of aspartate and C-2 of glutamate into fatty acids at rates equal to those observed with adult rat liver slices. Incorporation of either of these labelled carbon atoms into fatty acids would require a functioning citrate-cleavage pathway which consists of the enzymes ATP-citrate lyase, NAD-malate dehydrogenase(More)
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