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The motion of a two-dimensional vortex pair moving toward a wall is studied numerically. The case for which the wall is heated is analyzed. The equations of momentum and energy conservation are solved using a finite volume scheme. In this manner, the instantaneous heat transfer from the wall is obtained and is related to the dynamics of the fluid vortex(More)
A comparative experimental study of the velocity field and the strain field produced down-stream of biological and mechanical artificial valves is presented. In order to determine the spatial and temporal distributions of these fields, a phase-locked stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (or 3D-PIV) technique was implemented. Emphasis was placed on the(More)
Fluid-suspended microorganisms have evolved different swimming and feeding strategies in order to cope with an environment dominated by viscous effects. For instance, ciliated organisms rely on the collective motion of flexible appendages to move and feed. By performing a non-reciprocal motion, flexible filaments can produce a net propulsive force, or pump(More)
We show that fiber optic tips can be used as microbubble generators in liquid media. Using standard single-mode silica fibers incorporating nanoparticles (carbon nanoparticles and metallic powders), bubbles can be generated with low optical powers owing to the enhanced photothermal effects of the coating materials. We provide details about the hydrodynamic(More)
Painters often acquire a deep empirical knowledge of the way in which paints and inks behave. Through experimentation and practice, they can control the way in which fluids move and deform to create textures and images. David Alfaro Siqueiros, a recognized Mexican muralist, invented an accidental painting technique to create new and unexpected textures. By(More)
This is an entry for the Gallery of Fluid Motion of the 61st Annual Meeting of the APS-DFD (fluid dynamics videos). This video shows the collision and rebound of viscoelastic drops against a solid wall. Using a high speed camera, the process of approach, contact and rebound of drops of a viscoelastic liquid is observed. We found that these drops first(More)
Experiments to determine the force required to push a granular column confined within a cylinder were performed. The experimental apparatus was mounted on a material testing system machine in order to obtain force and displacement measurements simultaneously. Experiments were performed for two different sphere diameters, two different cylinder diameters and(More)