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—In this paper a digital filter is proposed for the generation of smooth set points for motion control systems. The proposed nonlinear filter produces profiles with bounded velocity and acceleration starting from rough reference signals (steps and ramps). An actual implementation of the filter for a tile printing machine is presented and experimental(More)
—A filter for trajectories smoothing is presented. The filter provides an output reproducing the input trajectory if this is compliant with given constraints on the velocity, the acceleration and the torque required for tracking it. Otherwise, the filter approximates the input profile guaranteeing that the output trajectory satisfies all the kinematic and(More)
—This paper deals with the modeling of multi-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors under multi open phase fault condition. The presented model is suitable for generic number of phases, generic shape of the rotor flux and generic number of open circuit faults. The motor model in fault condition can be used for faults occurring on both adjacent and not(More)