Roberto Zanasi

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—In this paper a digital filter is proposed for the generation of smooth set points for motion control systems. The proposed nonlinear filter produces profiles with bounded velocity and acceleration starting from rough reference signals (steps and ramps). An actual implementation of the filter for a tile printing machine is presented and experimental(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a comprehensive range of design techniques for the synthesis of the standard compensators (Lead and Lag networks as well as PID controllers) that in the last twenty years have proved to be of great educational value in a vast number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Control throughout Italy, but that to-date(More)
— The paper presents a direct digital method to the design of a discrete lead-lag compensator for a robust control. The design specifications on phase margin, gain margin and crossover frequency of the close-loop system can be obtained by using numerical and graphical solutions. The discrete design method proposed in the paper is also compared with the(More)