Roberto Vaccaro

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Combinatorial optimization problems require computing efforts which grow at least exponentially with the problem dimension. Therefore, the use of the remarkable power of massively parallel systems constitutes an opportunity to be considered for solving significant applications in reasonable times. In this paper, starting from Tabu Search, a general(More)
This paper presents an easy and straightforward routing algorithm for WK-Recursive topologies. The algorithm, based on adaptive routing, takes advantage of the geometric properties of such topologies. Once a source node S and destination node D have been determined for a message communication, they characterize, at some level l, two virtual nodes hl vn(S D)(More)
Configurable computing has become a subject of a great deal of research given its potential to greatly accelerate a wide variety of applications that require high throughput. In this context, the dataflow approach is still promising to accelerate the kernel of applications in the field of HPC. That tanks to a computational dataflow engine able to execute(More)
The number of cores integrated onto a single die is expected to climb steadily in the foreseeable future. The main aim of Demand Data Driven Architecture System (D3AS) project is an attempt to provide a new programming model and architecture to allow efficient programming of highly parallel systems based on thousands of simple, thin cores. After a detailed(More)
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