Roberto Tateo

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The one-dimensional Schrödinger equation for the potential x + αx + l(l+ 1)/x has many interesting properties. For certain values of the parameters l and α the equation is in turn supersymmetric (Witten), quasi-exactly solvable (Turbiner), and it also appears in Lipatov’s approach to high energy QCD. In this paper we signal some further curious features of(More)
The g-function was introduced by Affleck and Ludwig as a measure of the ground state degeneracy of a conformal boundary condition. We consider this function for perturbations of the conformal Yang–Lee model by bulk and boundary fields using conformal perturbation theory (CPT), the truncated conformal space approach (TCSA) and the thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz(More)
The vacuum expectation values of the so-called Q-operators of certain integrable quantum field theories have recently been identified with spectral determinants of particular Schrödinger operators. In this paper we extend the correspondence to the T-operators, finding that their vacuum expectation values also have an interpretation as spectral determinants.(More)