Roberto Suárez-Méndez

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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) is increasing in the world and drug-resistant (DR) disease beckons new treatments. METHODS To evaluate the action of interferon (IFN) gamma as immunoadjuvant to chemotherapy on pulmonary DR-TB patients, a pilot, open label clinical trial was carried out in the Cuban reference ward for the management of this disease. The eight(More)
The use of an ELISA method for the serological diagnosis of tuberculosis was assessed through the study of the presence of circulating IgG antibodies to PPD in 220 serum samples. An 82% sensibility was determined in 50 serum samples from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, and a specificity of 95.33% in 150 serum samples from apparently healthy subjects.(More)
Tuberculosis is an opportunistic infection, the minute it finds an immunocompromised host, it flourishes. The risk of tuberculosis is much higher in patients who are human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive. Drug resistance among microbes is testimony to their adaptive skills. In Mycobacterium Tuberculosis the resistance occurs due to random, single(More)
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