Roberto Sicconi

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Traditionally, voice-based applications have been accessed using unintelligent telephone devices through Voice Browsers that reside on the server. The proliferation of pervasive devices and the increase in their processing capabilities, client-side speech processing is emerging as a viable alternative. This workshop will explore the various possibilities(More)
Listeners require context to understand the casual pronunciation variants of words that are typical of spontaneous speech [1]. The present study reports two auditory lexical decision experiments, investigating listeners' use of semantic contex-tual information in the comprehension of unreduced and reduced words. We found a strong semantic priming effect for(More)
With the increasing number of cars on the road, longer commutes, and the proliferation of complex information and entertainment features, there is a greater need for careful interaction design in the car. The automobile is a challenging environment for designing and deploying good user interfaces. Interaction designers must balance brand identity, safety,(More)
In this demonstration we present a mixed-initiative dialog system for address recognition that lets users to specify a complete addresses in a single sentence with address components spoken in their natural sequence. Users can also specify fewer address components in several ways, based on their convenience. The system extracts specified address components,(More)
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