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A Case for Mind
The authors of this article consider it self-evident that psychotherapy entails treatment of the mind. This is not generally held and other determinants have been invoked, such as science. Foulkes’sExpand
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A Theory of Mind
This is the fourth and final article which the authors have published about the mind and is focused on the actual theory of the mind itself as suggested by them. The authors emphasize that as aExpand
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Group Analysis and the Concept of the Mind
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Ristabilire la Mente Il Dialogo (Median Group) in Reparto Psichiatria e al Centro di Salute Mentale 15-30 partecipanti
Reclaiming the mind - This article describes the Median Group in the Closed Psychiatric Ward of the ComprensorioSanitario of Bolzano, Italy. Due to his size from 15 to 30 participants the MedianGroupExpand
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40 Years of Group Analysis
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The Median Group and Psychiatry: Reclaiming the Mind
This article will give a short presentation of the median group of Patrick de Maré (1991) in its clinical application as socio-therapy and as a suitable setting in which to use the mind toExpand
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1st International Median Group Congress (Bolanzo, Italy) 18–19 June 2010
How nice it feels to be sitting together in a circle, does it not? I hope you will soon feel at home here—comfortable, sitting in a circle, face to face, confident in sharing your thoughts andExpand
1st International Median Group Congress (Bolanzo, Italy) 18–19 June 2010
The introduction of the Median Group ideas in the 1980s by Patrick de Maré seems to me to have been met with concern, doubt or expectation from those most interested in large groups or, on the otherExpand
Median Group® in a Psychiatric Outpatient Service and in a Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment Service (SPDC)
Outlined is a brief description of two pieces of research into the Median Group experience in an open psychiatric outpatient service and in a closed ward. The first is about the self-definition andExpand