Roberto Schiavon

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In newborns physeal separations and septic osteomyelitis or arthritis are unusual, representing a problem in diagnosis and treatment. Therapy needs to be carried out soon in order to prevent anatomical and functional consequences. Association between septic event and physeal separation is rare. We report a 28-day-old female, admitted for elevated(More)
In true hermaphroditism diverse phenotypes and karyotypes are found; there are no distinctive laboratory features that can distinguish it from other intersex disorders, thus the diagnosis is made by the histological findings. Existence of Leydig cells is demonstrated by testosterone levels above the female range; however, presence of ovarian tissue cannot(More)
The authors report a retrospective study involving 25 feet in 21 patients who underwent percutaneous drilling for chronic heel pain. Patients with increased activity of the heel were considered for surgical treatment if there was increased uptake on the delayed bone scans. The average follow-up was 21 months (range, 6 to 30 months). All patients were(More)
To determine whether the long-term exposure to a monthly injectable contraceptive, containing dihydroxyprogesterone acetophenide 150 mg and estradiol enanthate 10 mg, induces significant changes on the serum estrogens profile and ovulation return in women, a study in chronic users was undertaken. Ovarian function was assessed for 3 months following a single(More)
Two adult unrelated XY phenotypically female individuals with sexual infantilism and genital ambiguity were studied. Mosaicism was ruled out by the assessment of a normal 46,XY karyotype in four different cell lines. Persistently elevated LH and FSH serum levels with concomitant normal pituitary Gn-RH responsiveness were found. Baseline serum testosterone(More)
AIM To evaluate the use of equine-derived bone grafts in the treatment of bone loss in a heterogeneous clinical case series. METHODS The study population was 48 patients (29 males and 19 females; mean age, 49 years; range, 9-84); the orthopedic defect site was located on the right side in 22 and on the left side in 26 cases. The graft material was(More)
The pharmacodynamics of the combination of dihydroxyprogesterone acetophenide (DHPA) and estradiol enanthate (E2-EN) following its intramuscular administration at two doses were studied in 16 healthy women of reproductive age. Subjects were randomly allocated in two groups: group I (n = 9) received the combination DHPA 150 mg + E2-EN 10 mg on three(More)
A case report is presented regarding a patient with type IV bilateral ectrodactyly treated with a double surgical approach: in forefoot to correct the malformation and in rearfoot to prevent secondary deformity of the subtalar joint. The forefoot was enlarged and in particular the second and third rays were absent. There was also a metatarsus primus varus(More)
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