Roberto Schiatti

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The aim of the study was to assess the changes in plasma lignocaine concentrations over time when the tumescent solution is injected into subcutaneous tissue of children undergoing surgical treatment of burns. Sixteen consecutive children with burns were studied using a prospective study design. After induction of general anesthesia, tumescent lignocaine(More)
BACKGROUND Few data are available on the incidence of nosocomial Rotavirus infections (NRVI) in pediatric hospitals and on their economic impact. The goals of this study were: to evaluate the incidence of NRVI in various Italian pediatric wards during the course of two peak RV seasons; to investigate possible risk factors for NRVI; to estimate the costs(More)
A few weeks ago, the automatized apparatus known as Hite System 600 for the electrophoretic separation of serum proteins was put into use for the first time in our laboratory. In order to evaluate the two methods, the automatized one and the previously used manual one, we conducted a series of quality checks concerning both accuracy and precision. In(More)
After a brief introduction concerning bisalbuminemia, the authors go on to describe the specific cases they have observed: the subjects are all members of the same family. A total of 15 subjects have been observed; 8 of which have showed evidence of alloalbuminemia of the slow type. The parallel chemical and clinical investigations conducted have(More)
In 176 patients who were hospitalized with a suspected anterior myocardial infarction, the total enzymatic activity of CPK and LDH in addition to the percentage of various isoenzymes have been determined through electrophoretic separation. The blood samples were taken upon the patients admittance to the hospital and repeated every 6 hours until the 24th(More)
The following study concerns the evaluation of the diagnostic applications of a new counter which represents graphically the various hematic cellular populations according to their volumetric dimensions. A series of hematic samples taken from subjects of known pathology have been examined and then compared with others samples taken from subjects in an(More)
Five cases of allergic asthma due to sensitivity to silk allergens have been studied. All the patients worked in the Prato textile industry. The presence of specific antibodies against extracts of silk has been shown by the direct RAST and confirmed by the indirect RAST. The onset of the symptoms, with regard to the various stages in the processing of silk,(More)
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