Roberto Sanchez-Olea

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pICln has been proposed to be the swelling-activated anion channel responsible for ICl, swell, or a channel regulator. We tested the anion channel hypothesis by reconstituting recombinant pICln into artificial and biological membranes. Single channels were observed when pICln was reconstituted into planar lipid bilayers. In the presence of symmetrical 300(More)
In order to obtain information about the mechanism responsible for swelling associated taurine release in astrocytes, the kinetics of taurine uptake in cultured astrocytes from mouse cerebral cortex was studied under isosmotic and hyposmotic (50% osmolarity) conditions. It was found that the Vmax for the high affinity component of taurine uptake was(More)
PURPOSE Conditional inactivation of connexin43 (Cx43) in the pigmented epithelium of the mouse eye results in a reduction in aqueous humor production and complete loss of the vitreous chamber. It was proposed that gap junctions between pigmented and nonpigmented epithelia of the ciliary body are critical for the production of the aqueous humor. To form such(More)
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