Roberto San José García

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During the early morning hours on April 29 , 2000 , a time series of ozone observations from several stations showed that a unique and exceptional ozone episode occurred in Madrid city and surrounding areas , whereby monitoring stations reported ozone concentrations up to 1190 mg / m 3. In order to investigate this phenomenon , two different air quality(More)
Phenotypic variation among individuals is necessary for natural selection to operate and is therefore essential for adaptive evolution. However, extensive variation within individuals can mask variation among individuals and weaken the potential for selection. Here we quantify variation among and within individuals in female cone and seed traits of(More)
Downscaling techniques are very important to assure the robustness and credibility of climate modelling exercises. Regional climate simulations use boundary conditions and initial conditions from global climate and meteorological models. The regional climate simulations (WRF/chem model) have much higher spatial resolution and using nesting approaches can be(More)