Roberto Sagoleo

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The embodied and reflexive interaction paradigms separately proved to be effective for learning music in childhood. However, nowadays, there is a scarcity of research addressing the joined adoption of these paradigms, both from a theoretical and a technological point of view. BeSound supports children to explore - by means of their own body - rhythm,(More)
The experimental set up on the stage of Casa Paganini (with the two violinists Lucia Marucci and Chiara Noera) Study of the relations between emotions and music in public performance. Aim : study and individuation of multimodal cues explaining emotional processes in music performance. Method : apply and compare the two methods of induction process and(More)
In this paper, we present a new multimodal repository for the analysis of expressive movement qualities in dance. First, we discuss guidelines and methodology that we applied to create this repository. Next, the technical setup of recordings and the platform for capturing the synchronized audio-visual, physiological, and motion capture data are presented.(More)
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