Roberto Ruíz

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Space availability is essential to grant the welfare of animals. To determine the effect of space availability on movement and space use in pregnant ewes (Ovis aries), 54 individuals were studied during the last 11 weeks of gestation. Three treatments were tested (1, 2, and 3 m2/ewe; 6 ewes/group). Ewes' positions were collected for 15 minutes using(More)
Tumescent liposuction is a common cosmetic procedure that is performed as an outpatient service in physician's offices and is largely believed to be safe. The protuberant areas of the body containing the undesirable fat deposits are injected with normal saline containing lidocaine and epinephrine for pain control and hemostasis, and the waterlogged cells(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of dehydration at a controlled relative intensity on physiological responses and trail running speed. Using a randomized, controlled crossover design in a field setting, 14 male and female competitive, endurance runners aged 30 ± 10.4 years completed 2 (hydrated [HY] and dehydrated [DHY]) submaximal(More)
A groundwater treatment technology based on catalytic reductive dehalogenation has been developed to efficiently destroy chlorinated hydrocarbons in situ using a reactive well approach. The treatment process utilizes dissolved H2 as an electron donor, in the presence of a commercial palladium-on-alumina catalyst, to rapidly reduce common chlorinated(More)
In recent years there has been an explosion in the rate of acquisition of astronomical data. The analysis of astronomical data presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges for data mining in tasks, such as clustering, object discovery and classification. In this work, we address the feature selection problem in classification of photometric and(More)
The work presented in this paper has been carried out in the frame of the IEA-ECBCS Annex 53 project: “Total Energy Use in Buildings: Analysis and evaluation methods”. The aim of this work is to present a methodology to identify the most influential parameters affecting the final energy consumption in office buildings. In order to represent buildings and(More)
CONTEXT Exertional heat stroke (EHS) is one of the leading causes of death in athletes. Certified athletic trainers (ATs) demonstrate strong knowledge of recommended practices with EHS but are apprehensive in implementing 2 basic procedures: rectal temperature assessment and cold water immersion. This apprehension might lead to deaths from EHS that could(More)
CONTEXT Athletic trainers (ATs) know to diagnose exertional heat stroke (EHS) via rectal thermometry (T(re)) and to treat EHS via cold-water immersion (CWI) but do not implement these recommendations in clinical practice. OBJECTIVE To gain an understanding of educational techniques used to deliver content regarding EHS. DESIGN Qualitative study. (More)
Among gynaecological cancers, ovarian cancer represents the leading cause of death in women. Current treatment for ovarian cancer entails surgery followed by combined chemotherapy with platinum and taxane, which are associated, particularly cisplatin, with severe side effects. While this treatment approach appears to be initially effective in a high number(More)
The characterisation of defective modules in software engineering remains a challenge. In this work, we use data mining techniques to search for rules that indicate modules with a high probability of being defective. Using data sets from the PROMISE repository, we first applied feature selection (attribute selection) to work only with those attributes from(More)