Roberto Rodríguez-Echeverría

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The continuous advances of ubiquitous and pervasive computing have contributed to the successful increase in smart home systems. However, usually these systems are developed at a lower abstraction level very tied to specific technologies. Model-driven approaches have emerged to tackle the design of these systems, improving their reusability and(More)
There is a current trend in the industry to migrate its traditional Web applications to Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). To face this migration, traditional Web methodologies are being extended with new RIA modeling primitives. However, this re-engineering process is being figured out in an adhoc manner by introducing directly these new features in the(More)
Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) technologies are challenging the way in which the Web is being developed. However, from the UI accessibility point of view, these technologies pose new challenges that the Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C is trying to solve through the use of a standard specification for Accessible Rich Internet Applications(More)
In the last years one of the main concerns of the software industry has been to reengineer their legacy Web Applications (WAs) to take advantage of the benefits introduced by Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). In this context, Model Driven (MD) Web Engineering approaches have been extended with new modeling primitives to obtain the benefits provided by RIA(More)
Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) have become a common platform for Web developments. Its adoption has been accelerated thanks to different factors, among others, the appearance of patterns for typical RIA behaviors and the extension of different Model Driven Web Engineering methodologies to introduce RIA concepts. The real fact is that more and more(More)
Web applications (WAs) developed by companies are usually adapted to cover new business rules due to continuous changes in the organization requirements. Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) come to the scene to give a solution to these continuous changes providing a way to align business rules with underlying services. This is why there is a current trend(More)