Roberto Rocci

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A peculiar property of three-way arrays is that the rank they typically have does not necessarily coincide with the maximum possible rank, given their order. Typical tensorial rank has much been studied over algebraically closed fields. However, very few results have been found pertaining to the typical rank of three-way arrays over the real field. These(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of combined administration of octreotide and methylglucamine diatrizoate in the older persons with adhesive small bowel obstruction. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred and sixty-two consecutive patients who had suffered from adhesive intestinal obstruction without clinical evidence of strangulation or gangrene were(More)
The likelihood function for normal multivariate mixtures may present both local spurious maxima and also singularities and the latter may cause the failure of the optimization algorithms. Theoretical results assure that imposing some constraints on the eigenvalues of the covariance matrices of the multivariate normal components leads to a constrained(More)
In this paper two techniques for units clustering and factorial dimensionality reduction of variables and occasions of a three-mode data set are discussed. These techniques can be seen as the simultaneous version of two procedures based on the sequential application of k-means and Tucker2 algorithms and vice versa. The two techniques, T3Clus and 3Fk-means,(More)
Hidden Markov models (HMMs) are frequently used to analyse longitudinal data, where the same set of subjects is repeatedly observed over time. In this context, several sources of heterogeneity may arise at individual and/or time level, which affect the hidden process, that is, the transition probabilities between the hidden states. In this paper, we propose(More)