Roberto Rivera

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BACKGROUND This study assesses the net benefit and the cost-effectiveness of the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) intervention program, using parameter estimates from the El Paso trial. There were two standard economic measures used. First, from a societal perspective on costs, cost-effectiveness ratios (CER) were estimated, revealing the(More)
1 Abstract In August 2005 an observing campaign was conducted to measure the horizontal variability in the temperature profile above the Chajnantor site. The temperature profile is known to affect pointing and phase corrections, as well as amplitude calibrations, and so knowledge of the likely variation in temperature is essential for planning ancillary(More)
A general description and statistics of the wind speeds and directions registered at the ALMA site during 2001 and 2002 are presented. Measurements from different wind directions within 22.5º (in azimuth), topographic sectors and two markedly different daily periods were obtained. Spectra of the wind turbulence are presented for three wind speed conditions.(More)
The Gaussian process prediction model requires expensive computation to invert the covariance matrix it depends on and also has considerable storage needs. A recent method for very large spatial data known as Fixed Rank Kriging allows for prediction when the Gaussian process prediction model cannot and is easily implemented with less assumptions about the(More)
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