Roberto Righini

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The propagation of light in nonperiodic quasicrystals is studied by ultrashort pulse interferometry. Samples consist of multilayer dielectric structures of the Fibonacci type and are realized from porous silicon. We observe mode beating and strong pulse stretching in the light transport through these systems, and a strongly suppressed group velocity for(More)
Water has many kinetic and thermodynamic properties that exhibit an anomalous dependence on temperature, in particular in the supercooled phase. These anomalies have long been interpreted in terms of underlying structural causes, and their experimental characterization points to the existence of a singularity at a temperature of about 225 K. Further(More)
BACKGROUND Contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is an imaging technique which appeared on the market around the year 2000 and proposed for the detection of liver metastases in gastrointestinal cancer patients, a setting in which accurate staging plays a significant role in the choice of treatment. METHODS A total of 109 patients with colorectal (n = 92) or(More)
Dynamics of single molecules in liquids, inspected in the picosecond time scale by means of spectroscopic measurements or molecular-dynamics (MD) simulations, reveals a complex behavior which can be addressed as due to local confinement (cage). This work is devoted to the analysis of cage structures in liquid benzene, obtained from MD simulations. According(More)
In the optical Kerr effect, the electric field of light incident on a transparent sample induces an anisotropic refractive index, which is measured by its effect on the passage of a second light beam. The advent of lasers powerful enough to generate a measurable effect, and which can be pulsed on femtosecond time scales, has made the optical Kerr effect(More)
Figure 1 Anderson localization of waves in disordered systems originates from interference in multiple elastic scattering. Here we consider a light source (like an excited atom emitting a photon) in a disordered medium at position A. The light source is denoted by a star symbol and the spheres denote the scattering elements. A random light path that returns(More)
We have developed a fitting algorithm able to extract spectral and dynamic properties of a three level oscillator from a two-dimensional infrared spectrum (2D-IR) detected in time resolved nonlinear experiments. Such properties go from the frequencies of the ground-to-first and first-to-second vibrational transitions (and hence anharmonicity) to the(More)
The linear and two-dimensional infrared (2DIR) responses of the amide I vibrational mode in liquid formamide are investigated experimentally and theoretically using molecular dynamics simulations. The recent method based on the numerical integration of the Schrödinger equation is employed to calculate the 2DIR spectra. Special attention is devoted to the(More)
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