Roberto Ricciu

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The age of European existing building stock and the very low growth rate make energy retrofit a critical issue at the moment. The spreading of good practices is strongly hampered by their cost effectiveness. National legislation thermal requirements for retrofitting works play a fundamental role. If they are too strict, the initial economic investment could(More)
This work is concerned with a mechanical system designed to harvest Crocus Sativus (saffron) flowers. The system is conceived as a shoulder portable device with two main parts: the first one is specifically designed to detach the flower containing three stigmas, which are the costly final product; the second one is aimed to collect the detached flower(More)
In Europe and worldwide several legislations are adopting comfort models that include the variability of occupants behaviour based on the external climate conditions. The latest adaptive comfort methods consider outdoor temperature not only as a steady variable but also as the representation of occupants past thermal history. The paper presented deals with(More)
The system described here is conceived as a shoulder portable device for saffron flowers detaching and collecting. The system is a portable light machine, carried by the human operator on his back during the harvesting phase of the saffron production. The main parts of the system are two: the first one is a gripper designed to detach the flower containing(More)
The home automation system to control the climatic health in confined environments is the subject of this article. The standard UNI EN ISO 7730:2006 classifies the conditions of moderate confined environments by three categories according to the PMV index. The comfort sensation is mainly affected by four variables: air temperature, mean radiant temperature,(More)
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