Roberto Pockaj

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—In this paper, we propose a method for implementing a high-level interface for the synthesis and animation of animated virtual faces that is in full compliance with MPEG-4 specifications. This method allows us to implement the simple facial object profile and part of the calibration facial object profile. In fact, starting from a facial wireframe and from(More)
Description: One of the more revolutionary parts of the MPEG–4 International Standard is the Face and Body Animation, or FBA: the specification for efficient coding of shape and animation of human faces and bodies. This specification is a result of collaboration of experts with different backgrounds ranging from image coding and compression to video(More)
—An efficient algorithm is proposed to exploit the facial animation parameter (FAP) interpolation modality specified by the MPEG-4 standard in order to allow very low bit-rate transmission of the animation parameters. The proposed algorithm is based on a comprehensive analysis of the cross-correlation properties that characterize FAPs, which is here(More)
In this paper the complete framework of a software package for real-time animation of 3D facial models according to the MPEG-4 specifications is described. The focus is mainly on the algorithmic solution that has been adopted for scaling the polygon mesh to a level of complexity suited to the specific hw/sw profile of the platform that hosts the decoder.(More)
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