Roberto Perez

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Mitigating frustration is important within computer-based learning contexts. In this experimental study where participants were purposefully frustrated, the interface agent message (apologetic, empathetic, or silent) was manipulated to investigate its impact on student attitude toward the task, attitude toward the agent, and attribution toward the cause of(More)
Okadaic acid (OA) and the related dinophysistoxins are isolated from dinoflagellates of the genus Prorocentrum and Dinophysis. Bacteria of the Roseobacter group have been associated with okadaic acid producing dinoflagellates and have been previously implicated in OA production. Analysis of 16S rRNA libraries reveals that Roseobacter are the most abundant(More)
This study evaluated the effects of a modern antagonistic analog of GHRH on tumor growth and on expression of inflammatory cytokine genes in two models of human triple negative breast cancers (TNBC). The TNBC subtype is refractory to the treatment options available for other hormone-independent breast cancers. Inflammatory cytokines play a major role in the(More)
The differential forms on the jet bundle J ∞ E of a bundle E → M over a compact n-manifold M of degree greater than n determine differential forms on the space Γ(E) of sections of E. The forms obtained in this way are called local forms on Γ(E), and its cohomology is called the local cohomology of Γ(E). More generally, if a group G acts on E, we can define(More)
Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a distinct subtype of breast cancer burdened with a dismal prognosis due to the lack of effective therapeutic agents. Receptors for LHRH (luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone) can be successfully targeted with AEZS-108 [AN-152], an analog of LHRH conjugated to doxorubicin. Our study evaluates the presence of this(More)
INTRODUCTION This study evaluated the effects of an antagonistic analog of growth hormone-releasing hormone, MIA-602, on tumor growth, response to doxorubicin, expression of drug resistance genes, and efflux pump function in human triple negative breast cancers. METHODS HCC1806 (doxorubicin-sensitive) and MX-1 (doxorubicin-resistant), cell lines were(More)
This paper describes a two-part study of animated affective agents that varied by affective state (positive or evasive) and motivational support (present or absent). In the first study, all four conditions significantly improved learning; however, only three conditions significantly improved math self-efficacy, the exception being the animated agent with(More)
HIV enters the brain early during infection and induces a chronic inflammatory state that can result in neurological abnormalities in a subset of infected individuals. To investigate the effects of HIV exposure on neurogenesis and neuronal survival in the brain, we have used a model system consisting of human neuroepithelial progenitor (NEP) cells that(More)