Roberto P. Palomares

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This paper proposes a new regularization term for optical flow related problems. The proposed regularizer properly handles rotation movements and it also produces good smoothness conditions on the flow field while preserving discontinuities. We also present a dual formulation of the new term that turns the minimization problem into a saddle-point problem(More)
We propose a large displacement optical flow method that introduces a new strategy to compute a good local minimum of any optical flow energy functional. The method requires a given set of discrete matches, which can be extremely sparse, and an energy functional which locally guides the interpolation from those matches. In particular, the matches are used(More)
We propose a new variational method for the completion of moving shapes through binary video inpainting that works by smoothly recovering the objects into an inpainting hole. We solve it by a simple dynamic shape analysis algorithm based on threshold dynamics. The model takes into account the optical flow and motion occlusions. The resulting inpainting(More)
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