Roberto P. J. Perazzo

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A generalization of the Little ^ Hop¢eld neural network model for associative memories is presented that considers the case of a continuum of processing units. The state space corresponds to an in¢nite dimensional euclidean space. A dynamics is proposed that minimizes an energy functional that is a natural extension of the discrete case.The case in which(More)
In this work we present a dynamical model that succesfully describes the organization of mutualistic ecological systems. The main characteristic of these systems is the nested structure of the bipartite adjacency matrix describing their interactions. We introduce a nestedness coefficient, as an alternative to the Atmar and Patter-son temperature, commonly(More)
The increasing capacity of modern computers, driven by Moore's Law, is accompanied by smaller noise margins and higher error rates. In this paper we propose a memory device, consisting of a ring of two identical overdamped bistable forward-coupled oscillators, which may serve as a building block in a larger scale solution to this problem. We show that such(More)
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