Roberto Nerino

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Hippo therapy, also known as equestrian rehabilitation, makes use of the physical interactions between the riding patient and the horse movements, by inducing the patient's trunk to became receptive and responsive to solicitations and consequently improving his postural control and his muscular tone. Evidences of therapy effectiveness have been assessed in(More)
OBJECTIVE Automatic methods developed to detect transient EEG events during sleep may present a degree of arbitrariness in the choice of appropriate channels or amplitude thresholds for the analysis. To overcome these limitations, we propose a multi-channel and temporal coincidences approach. METHODS A two-step automatic detection (AD) of peculiar(More)
This paper describes a method for surface reconstruction from sparse three-dimensional (3D) data that performs the reconstruction by building a sequence of surfaces approximating the data at increasing level of details (LOD). The method is simple, fast and suitable for a progressive 3D data/model representation, archiving, transmission. The surface(More)
Vision-based Pose Estimation (VPE) represents a non-invasive solution to allow a smooth and natural interaction between a human user and a robotic system, without requiring complex calibration procedures. Moreover, VPE interfaces are gaining momentum as they are highly intuitive, such that they can be used from untrained personnel (e.g., a generic(More)
Volumetric methods based on implicit surfaces are commonly used in surface reconstruction from uniformly distributed sparse 3D data. The case of nonuniform distributed data has recently deserved more attention, because it occurs frequently in practice. This work describes a volumetric approach to surface reconstruction from nonuniform data which is suitable(More)