Roberto Nerino

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Vision-based Pose Estimation (VPE) represents a non-invasive solution to allow a smooth and natural interaction between a human user and a robotic system, without requiring complex calibration procedures. Moreover, VPE interfaces are gaining momentum as they are highly intuitive, such that they can be used from untrained personnel (e.g., a generic(More)
This paper describes a method for surface reconstruction from sparse three-dimensional (3D) data that performs the reconstruction by building a sequence of surfaces approximating the data at increasing level of details (LOD). The method is simple, fast and suitable for a progressive 3D data/model representation, archiving, transmission. The surface(More)
OBJECTIVE Automatic methods developed to detect transient EEG events during sleep may present a degree of arbitrariness in the choice of appropriate channels or amplitude thresholds for the analysis. To overcome these limitations, we propose a multi-channel and temporal coincidences approach. METHODS A two-step automatic detection (AD) of peculiar(More)