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Verification and Validation (V&V) activities aiming at certifying railway controllers are among the most critical and time-consuming in system development life cycle. As such, they would greatly benefit from novel approaches enabling both automation and traceability for assessment purposes. While several formal and Model-Based approaches have been proposed(More)
The need for integration of model-based verification into industrial processes has produced several attempts to define Model-Driven solutions implementing a unifying approach to system development. A recent trend is to implement tool chains supporting the developer both in the design phase and V&V activities. In this Model-Driven context, specific domains(More)
The multifaceted nature of cyber-physical systems needs holistic study methods to detect essential aspects and interrelations among physical and cyber components. Like the systems themselves, security threats feature both cyber and physical elements. Although to apply divide et impera approaches helps handling system complexity, to consider just one aspect(More)
This work aims at defining a procedure and a set of mechanisms able to improve the quality of the code coverage in automated software reverse engineering processes, and specifically in automated GUI-driven testing of Android apps. Existing automated model-based testing techniques, based on reverse engineering, generate test cases which can be executed(More)